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  1. The discourse of organizational discourse : Elgar Introduction to Organizational Discourse Analysis
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  4. Discourse and Practice: New Tools for Critical Analysis

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. J Educ Health Promot. Published online Dec 4. R Iran Find articles by Sepideh Mohammadi. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

The discourse of organizational discourse : Elgar Introduction to Organizational Discourse Analysis

Address for correspondence: Dr. E-mail: ri. Received Oct 14; Accepted Oct Abstract Discourse analysis DA is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry and becoming an increasingly popular research strategy for researchers in various disciplines which has been little employed by health-care researchers. Keywords: Discourse analysis, health-care system, methodology. Materials and Methods This study was a narrative review. Discourse analysis description There are many explanations and definitions of discourse and DA.

Discourse analysis history background DA is both an old and a new discipline. Philosophical background Mainly DA philosophical base is a social constructionist approach. They are as follows: A critical approach to taken-for-granted knowledge - Our knowledge of the world should not be treated as objective truth. This view match by this view that all knowledge is contingent is an anti-foundationalism and anti-essentialist[ 9 ] The link between knowledge and social processes — Our ways of understanding the world are created and maintained by social processes.

Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Social linguistic analysis A social linguistic analysis is constructivist and focuses on individual texts. Interpretive structuralism Similar to social linguistic analysis, these discourse analyses are interested in the way in which broader discursive contexts come into being. Critical linguistic analysis Critical linguistic analysis shares with social linguistic analysis its focus on individual texts, but its main concern is with the dynamics of power that surround the text.

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Critical discourse analysis The main interest of CDA is in the discursive activity to construct and maintain unequal power relations. Discursive psychology Discursive psychology is part of the general movement of critical psychology, which has been reacting against mainstream social psychology, especially the sort of experimental psychology. Historical discourse analysis Historical DA is a poststructuralist approach to reading and writing history; a mode of conceptualizing history through a theorized lens of critique. Foucaultian discourse analysis Today the theoretical work of Michel Foucault is widely considered as being part of the theoretical body of social sciences such as sociology, social history, political sciences, and social psychology.

Comparison The simplest way of building an impression of the nature of a text is to compare it with other texts. Substitution Substitution is a form of comparison in which the analyst herself creates the text for comparison. Exaggeration of detail The exaggeration of detail involves blowing up a particular textual detail out of proportion. Multivocality The strategy of multivocality consists of the delineation of different voices or discursive logics in the text.

Validation and rigor DA is a highly interpretative process that acknowledges that multiple interpretations can emerge from the data. Interpretative rigor Have the linkages between the discourse and findings been adequately described Is there inclusion of verbatim text to support the findings Are the linkages between the discourse and the interpretation plausible Have these linkages been described and supported adequately How are these findings related to existing knowledge in the subject?

DA application in health-care system The nature of the knowledge fundamental to health care and the power it wields during its practice, is of continuing interest to philosophers, social scientists and anthropologists, as well as to those individuals who directly use it in administering health care, namely, doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals. Conclusion DA as a qualitative approach has an important role in health-care system because health-care system needs to be knowledgeable across the multiple paradigms and perspectives that inform an understanding of the biological, psychological, social, cultural, ethical, and political dimensions of human lives.

Financial support and sponsorship This study was financially supported by Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Conflicts of interest There are no conflicts of interest. References 1. Bondarouk T, Ruel H.

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Handbook of qualitative research in psychology. Jansen I.

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Phillips N. Discourse analysis: Investigating Processes of Social Construction. The interpretive, functional, critical, and structurational perspectives are examined in detail. Issues discussed include the constructive potential of discourse; prominent interpretive approaches; the role of discourse, in particular metaphor, in fostering certain organizational outcomes; a critical view addressing the power and political dimensions of discourse; and the dual aspects of discourse as both communicative actions and deep structures, interrelated through the modality of interpretive schemes.

Application chapters illustrate how discourse theory can be employed in field research, aiding the analyst in gaining a deeper understanding of the social context and of the effects of discourse on that context.

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In particular, a view of discourse as situated symbolic action, and a structurational view of discourse are illustrated empirically, using examples from a major IT organization and a global consulting firm. Potential disagreements and ambiguities in metaphor use remain. Through this critique Giddens emphasizes the need of considering the. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Conference paper.

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Abell, J. Ainsworth, S. Alvesson, M. Antaki, C. Billig, M. In: Wetherell, M. Discourse Theory and Practice: a reader.

Discourse and Practice: New Tools for Critical Analysis

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