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The information in this page or section may not be accurate anymore, but this page should be retained for posterity. Gamemasters were CipSoft staff with a supervisory role.

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Before August , a major group of the Gamemasters were volunteer players entrusted with these powers by Cipsoft. It was their duty to investigate and to punish rule violations in Tibia.

To do so they had a number of special abilities, like the right to check players' criminal records, the ability to broadcast red messages, the ability to teleport to any player online , among others and to certain key locations. Also, gamemasters could impose penalties on players which include notations, banishments and even account deletions if the account had received a final warning already.

Gamemaster - Wikipedia

In addition to regular gamemasters there is also so-called Customer Support the old " Senior Gamemasters ". You could recognise gamemasters by the abbreviation "GM" at the beginning of their name.

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Also, gamemasters wore a special blue outfit which was not available to regular players. Such screens have become less common — many GMs and players prefer to use their computer to create their own screen, if they ever use one at all. Game Masters may be practised actors, and some GMs are also talented vocal artists and authors — for some, they're skills that see a lot of use, and many games have come into legend because of a memorable GM-controlled NPC.

Achievement Guide for Gamemaster

The Game Master may encourage a variety of game styles ranging from dice-heavy hack-and-slash to semi-freeform roleplaying and moods ranging from the sadistic and adversarial to loot raining from the heavens. Not to be confused with General Motors. All the legendary resistances if they have any. I know this is probably due to the IPhone X being so much different than other phones, and having to change things around to make apps work properly.

I know this because everything worked great on my IPhone 7.

Game Master

But other than that little tidbit I love the app. If I have one little suggestion.

I would also like a way to track how many legendary actions are left. It gets annoying having to track everything on paper. I like this app so far despite that I'm new I've seen videos and good reviews on game master and fight club apps and i think they are good apps and so far for me they are good apps but weirdly enough i keep getting this issue when exporting and importing files and its weird i cant tell if its intentional or if its buggy but i transferred one character and their spells weren't added.

Plus other stuff but I cant remember now. Another issue is i have adobe acrobat and I'm easily able to read the character sheet pdfs yet the one you get from making a character in fight club doesn't actually work.


Its a bit buggy and shows that i have saving throws and other stuff but not actual showing what the stats are. Example: Saving throws Blank box just says saving throw.

It occasionally works and shows some of the stats but its only getting worse. Mainly applies to player characters from fight club and fight club character sheets the one u turn into a pdf.

Backup systems good. Its saved my backups i dont know if characters are good on that or just as broken but thats on the same app so it most likely works and thats not import.